Top car valeting tips to keep your vehicle looking great this summer

When the warm weather arrives, we all like to get out somewhere nice in the car as often as we can. As the summer approaches we should consider some aspects of our car appearance and maintenance to keep it looking as smart and pristine as we would like!

Here are some basic tips to help with that:

Wash your car regularly

Sounds like a fairly basic tip really but it’s vitally important. Although cars are produced with much better quality materials and finishes these days, you still need to care for them in order to preserve that pristine look. If you use your car every day, then you should wash it at least once a week.

As well as maintaining the appearance, washing the car regularly will prevent the daily road grime and grit it collects from settling on the car and potentially causing damage. If you get specific marks or stains on the car (for example, bird droppings or insects) then it is advisable to remove them as quickly as possible – even if you can’t wash the whole car – this will prevent these corrosive contaminants from damaging your car.

The best time to wash your car is when its surface temperature is low –so, early morning or late afternoon/evening is preferable.

Use the right car valeting products

It is important that you use the right materials and relevant products when valeting your car. Always use a clean wash mitt and a specialised car wash liquid – you should NEVER use a dishwasher detergent or similar product! They can often contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to both the surface of your car and the headlights.

Always use a recommended microfiber cloth when cleaning the car paintwork. Take care when rinsing your car off with a power hose – ensure you’re at a distance that won’t be too close to the car surface to cause damage with the nozzle or spray.

When considering your car interior cleaning, the same attention should be paid – always using recommended car shampoo and specialised products.

Ensure that the tyres and wheels get given the same care and consideration as the car body – it is important to clean off all the accumulated brake dust and road dirt as these can be corrosive to the wheel finish. Always use an appropriate cleaner, specifically made for wheel and tyre care.

Wax your car

You won’t always have time to wax your car after every wash, but you should ensure that it’s done at least three times a year. Waxing your car is important as it protects it from potential sun damage – much as we put suntan lotion on to protect our skin!

After these tips of what you should do, there are certain things you should NOT – one of these is, unless you are a professional detailer, do NOT use a rotary buffer on your car surface. Professionals are trained in their use and, if used incorrectly, they can damage your car paintwork.

A regular proper, and thorough, wash and wax will help protect your car and keep its appearance to the high standard that you want.


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