Top tips for streak free car window cleaning

We know that cleaning your car windscreen isn’t one of the most appealing jobs to do on a Sunday afternoon. However, it is an important job. Not only does a clean windscreen give a good impression, but it is important in maintaining clear visibility of the road. Below we share some top tips on achieving streak-free car window cleaning.

Clean your windscreen on a call or overcast day

One great tip for achieving streak-free glass is to clean on a dull and cold day. The reason for this is because when you use a cleaning product on a hot day, the cleaning formula simply evaporates before you have time to wipe the glass clean. Coupled with this is the fact that adding any cleaner to hot glass can result in white residue, as it dries too quickly.

Apply cleaner with a microfiber cloth

It’s also important that you use the correct type of cloth. Choosing a cloth with a tight weave will help you to remove those stubborn stains and marks, while not damaging the surface of the glass. This really is the best choice of cloth for dealing with glass.

Spray the cloth, not the glass

When you are cleaning the interior of the windshield, then a great tip is to apply the spray cleaner to the cloth, and not directly onto the glass. This is for two reasons. Firstly, this avoids spraying cleaner onto previously cleaned glass. Secondly, it’ll stop you from spraying cleaner all over the dashboard.

Roll down the windows

When cleaning your car’s side windows, always be sure to roll the window down halfway. Doing so will ensure that you clean every inch of glass, including the very top and edges.

Take your time

Do not rush! Spraying cleaner all over the window and wiping quickly will only end in a window covered in streaks. Be meticulous and take your time. This will ensure that you have perfectly clean, streak-free glass.

Use the right car window cleaning product

Finally, it’s important to use the correct cleaning product, as no amount of elbow grease, and no type of cloth will work if the product isn’t right. Using a product such as SmartWax’s Smart Glass car window cleaner will help you to achieve that much-coveted streak-free look. So, always use a streak-free car window cleaner and follow the above cleaning tips to achieve streak-free glass.


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