Choose a SmartWax Gift Pack to keep your car looking good as new

If you know somebody who wants to get into car detailing, or someone whose vehicle simply needs a bit of TLC, the SmartWax Gift Pack makes for the ideal present.

Combining more than eight high-quality SmartWax products into one attractive gift box, it’s a fantastic package for any vehicle enthusiast who wants to ensure their car looks its most attractive.

What’s in the SmartWax Gift Pack?

This kit includes some of the most popular SmartWax UK products, including:

  • SmartWax
  • SmartLeather
  • SmartDressing
  • Rimwax
  • SmartCarwash
  • SmartDetail

The kit also comes complete with premium microfiber towels and a premium microfiber applicator, to ensure the best possible results and total safety when applying any SmartWax products.

Why consider a SmartWax Gift Pack?

If you’re a car enthusiast, or know someone who is, you’ll no doubt understand how costly it can be to regularly book a vehicle in for waxing or detailing treatments. Even when performing essential car care maintenance at home, single purchases of each product can cause serious cash-flow issues – particularly when you’re using a premium line like SmartWax.

Gift packs like these offer a substantial saving on single purchases and serve as a great introduction to the SmartWax line. With over eight different SmartWax UK products pre-sorted into one handy kit, this pack is a one-stop shop for those who want to keep their vehicle in the best possible condition.

Each product has been specially formulated to meet a specific car care requirement. For example, SmartDetail helps to restore that newly-waxed wet look shine in a matter of minutes. SmartLeather, as you might imagine, is designed to keep your leather interiors looking brand new.

Rimwax has been developed to provide a gloss and shine like never before on alloys, and SmartDressing helps to restore vinyl, rubbers and plastics to their prime.

These revolutionary products have been relied upon by US-based enthusiasts for quite some time, and with SmartWax UK now you can enjoy the same level of luxury treatments at home. Why not give your vehicle the treatment.


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