Smartwax 20106 Smart Glass-Window Cleaner, Make Windows Disappear 16oz.


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About This Product


SmartGlass – Car Window Cleaner –  Make Windows Disappear – 16oz.

Fast Facts About SmartGlass

  • Cleans and disinfects glass without leaving a trace
  • Easy to use, spray and wipe
  • Window tint safe
  • Streak and smudge free
  • Ammonia and alcohol free
  • Great for glass, mirrors, plastic, metal and smooth surfaces
  • Powerful against dirt and grease

About SmartGlass Car Window Cleaner

SmartGlass provides a difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts, and a great smell pleasant enough to make anyone smile. SmartGlass is optical clarity in a bottle.

SmartGlass was specifically designed to leave vehicle glass surfaces crystal clear providing the overall appearance of a vehicle and more importantly a higher level of safety by improving visibility and the overall driving experience. SmartGlass immediately transforms dirty and contaminated surfaces to a crisp, clear, and streak and haze free surface in an instant.

SmartGlass has been equipped with optimal cleaning power that enables it to work on a professional level. SmartGlass has the power to remove stubborn window film and grime, stubborn bugs, road grime, residue and interior grease. SmartGlass gives a new meaning to crystal clear glass.

Wash And Details

Versatile Window Cleaner

SmartGlass is the world’s most versatile car window cleaner. SmartGlass performs flawlessly and is safe for use on LCD navigation screens, plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows and mirrors. In-car television screens are cleaned with ease with SmartGlass precision technology. When applying SmartGlass to electrical components always spray onto the towel first and never directly onto any electrical component or instrument panel.

Safe on Window Tint

SmartGlass has been formulated to work effectively and safely on vehicles with window tint through the omission of using any harmful chemicals such ammonia or alcohol that can potentially damage, stain, and deteriorate window tint. SmartGlass is completely alcohol and ammonia free to ensure a perfect streak-free finish.

Smart Use

Great for windows, auto windshields, mirrors, navigating displays, TV screens, clear plastic acrylic windows, convertible top plastic windows, boat and RV windows

Smart Application

  • Mist lightly on glass
  • Wipe surface well
  • Using a clean, dry towel buff glass and clear plastic to a crystal clear finish

Additional information

Weight 33.02 kg
Dimensions 88.9 × 63.5 × 236.22 cm


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