Chemical Guys ACC300 Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator Green/Black – 2 Pack


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Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator – Green / Black – 2 Pack

The durafoam tire dressing applicator pad works better than ever before! The all new Wonder Wave foam contour spreads tire shine and protective dressings deep into textured grooves, tread, and uneven surfaces found all over tires, seats, dashboards, and trim pieces.

The unique laser-cut zig-zags act like soft squeegee blades to push dressings and protectants into every nook and cranny from every angle with each swipe. Use the Durafoam Dressing & Protectant Applicator Pad to spread tire shine on large nubbly off-road tires evenly without missing any spots.

Pick this applicator to spread Leather Conditioner on leather seats and upholstery. Spread dressings over dashboards and door cards with no drips or mess.

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Weight 2.54 kg
Dimensions 203.2 × 203.2 × 79.375 cm


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