Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Mitt


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Smart Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

This scratch-free car wash mitt is extra plush and fluffy, and holds tons of suds to make any car wash a fun and safe experience. Microfiber is the best car washing material because it is extra soft, extra absorbent, and helps protect against swirls and scratches. The plush microfiber noodles of the Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt absorbs clean wash water and fresh car wash soap, and puts it down on filthy paint where they’re needed most.

Clean off abrasive dirt, grit, and grime without scratching or swirling paint, glass, metal, or optical plastic on any vehicle. Use the two-bucket method whenever cleaning any vehicle to drastically reduce the chances of scratching with every wipe of the mitt.

The giant microfiber noodles lift and trap dirt away from sensitive surfaces to protect them from scratches, and the bright green microfiber highlights dirt and debris, so any detailer knows when to rinse it clean for a scratch-free shine.

The Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt is made only with high quality materials. Premium 70/30 blended microfiber stays softer for longer than cheap mitts, and a double-stitched wrist cuff fits the mitt snugly to any hand for comfortable detailing. Throw the Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt in the washing machine to maintain a clean, soft, and fluffy feel for years of scratch-less car washing and detailing.

Clean any daily driver, pristine show car, or work vehicle with the Smartwax Chenille Microfiber Premium Car Wash Mitt.

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Weight 7.62 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 203.2 × 292.1 cm


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