It’s easy to make your car shine with quick detailer spray

Most of us take great pride in our cars and want to retain that ‘just new’ look for as long as possible. Accordingly, we spend time and money on getting our vehicles washed and valeted, or detailed, when we can. It’s not always, however, convenient – or affordable – to do so every week. So, how do we go about achieving that desired, shiny appearance in between full washes?

The most effective way is to use a product like Smart Detail Spray Wax that will allow you to clean your car quickly and effectively, resulting in a surface with that just-waxed, deep, wet-looking appearance that makes your neighbours think you’ve just driven from the showroom!

Why should you use this quick detail spray?

Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It restores that deep, wet-looking shine
  • It provides protection between waxes
  • It is safe to use on any paint coat
  • It doesn’t leave a wax build-up on rubber or vinyl (like other products can!)
  • It leaves behind an invisible protective barrier on the car surface
  • It enhances existing glosses, waxes and sealant boosters

Why does it work so well?

Smart Detail instant detail spray is formulated with high-tech polymers and natural carnauba wax. This combination of elements enables just a single spray to effectively wipe away any harmful contaminants as well as dust, water spots and the inevitable fingerprints – and will leave a rich, shiny, spectacular finish on your vehicle. The polymers are highly reflective and work by forming a protective coat on the surface of the vehicle that bonds to the paint’s existing wax or sealant finish, therefore protecting the surface and creating a slick, shiny, ‘just polished’ appearance that, not only looks great, but also extends the life and effectiveness of that wax finish.

The carnauba wax formulation further enhances and protects the car surface by enabling the detail spray to be applied even in hot and humid conditions without streaking or creating ‘hazy’ patches.

The specialized ingredients in this high-lubricity spray will produce a car surface with fantastic clarity, intensity and an amazing shine. The sleek, wet-look finish is produced by the unique polymer-resin based formula that combines with acrylic wetting agents that produce the unparalleled colour finish, and the anti-static technology reduces the static charge that is largely responsible for the build-up of dust that attaches itself to any fingerprint marks or smudges.

How do you apply the spray?

It’s a very simple procedure – spray the mist on to an appropriate cloth and apply to the car surface in a smooth, circular motion. Once applied all over, simply wipe dry with a separate, soft, dry microfiber cloth.

What surfaces can I use it on?

This quick detailer spray can be applied to any painted surface, plastic, glass, chrome, metal, aluminium or fibreglass component of your vehicle.

When used in conjunction with other Smart Wax products for regular washing and maintenance, the quick detail spray will keep your car the envy of your neighbours!


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