How to use waterless car cleaner

If you are looking for the latest innovative car care, and car valeting products, then this is something you should seriously consider.

What exactly is a waterless car cleaner?

A waterless car wash is a pre-mixed spray detailer, with high-lubricity, that can be used to saturate a vehicle panel and then wipe away any dirt to leave a streak-free, dry shine. It’s an effective, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional car shampoo and wash.

What does it do?

It provides a deep shine and a rich lustre as well as protection against weather damage such as the damaging effects of the sun and corrosive rain. It cleans, protects and provides a showroom finish to a vehicle without any water waste, water spots, streaks or scratches.

Best technique for effective waterless car cleaner results

  • Choose a very soft towel with a thick, deep nap, preferably microfibre. This will provide ample room for dirt accumulation within the towel itself rather than being rubbed back against the paintwork.
  • Prepare your towel. Ideally, fold it into a format that affords you eight different surfaces.
  • Divide your vehicle into sections :- Roof, Side Glass, Horizontal Panels (Bonnet, Boot), Vertical Panels, Front and Back Skirts/Bumpers/Grills, Lower Panels and, finally, Wheels.
  • Start at the top of the vehicle – complete one section at a time.
  • Remember to wipe LIGHTLY and in ONE direction. Wiping in a circular motion is actually ineffective because you will be redistributing the dirt you’ve just wiped away back over the surface you’ve just cleaned.
  • Be aware of the towel you are using – because this wash product/technique lifts and retains the surface dirt, then the towel becomes soiled, so always pay attention and use a fresh towel surface when appropriate.
  • When one section is completely dry, then move on to the next.
  • Remember, the lower panels will be the dirtiest and therefore require the most work.
  • Note that you SHOULD NOT use the same towel for the wheels as for other sections of the vehicle – the wheels are subject to brake dust and you should not risk transferring that back onto any of the body paintwork!


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