Clay Bar Car Cleaning – Your Questions Answered

Keeping your car’s paintwork clean is necessary, not only for aesthetic reasons but to keep it protected against the elements. One way to achieve this is by using a clay bar. Below we share the most frequently asked questions about clay bar car cleaning and how the SmartClay bar can help you with your car care maintenance.

What is a clay bar?

Today’s clay bar is made from modern clay putty. It is designed to extract dirt and grime from the surface of your car. This helps to remove any pollutants and to create a smooth and polished finish to the bodywork.

Why should I used a clay bar?

Cleaning your car’s bodywork with a clay bar can help to prevent your paintwork from oxidising, as it removes dirt and debris without causing any damage. When the bodywork is clean and smooth, this means that your car’s surface will attract less dirt, helping to keep it cleaner for longer.

When is the best time to use it?

A good rule to follow is to use the clay bar before adding a wax coat, or if you need to polish the paintwork. The clay bar will get rid of any stubborn particles, that could prevent the wax from thoroughly sticking. What you’ll achieve is a bodywork that is much brighter and shines longer.

What can a clay bar be used on?

The SmartClay bar is incredibly versatile and can be used on the car’s bodywork, including all glossy paintwork, lights, glass, polished metal, wheels and exhaust.

Will the clay bar remove scratches?

The clay bar is not designed to remove scratches. It is designed to remove dirt and grime that is stuck to the car’s surface. To remove scratches you will need to use a specialist polishing product, or seek professional advice.

What should I do after using a clay bar?

You’ll know when you have used the clay bar effectively, as the surface will feel incredibly smooth to the touch, almost like glass. This is when you can begin to apply the wax coat to protect your car.


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