Can I wax my car every week?

One of the great love affairs throughout the twentieth century, and since, is that between a car and its’ owner! There are few things as satisfying as buying a new car and driving it away from the showroom looking, feeling and smelling brand new, slick and luxurious.

Of course, the issue then becomes “How do I keep my car looking and feeling this good?” Well, we know that’s not practical, but there are things we can do to maintain that look for as long as possible.  Here are a few aspects to consider to keep your vehicle looking great for a longer period:

Wash your car

Sounds a bit obvious I know, but people can be confused as to when, and how often, they should wash their car.

Depending upon how often you use your car, and in what environment, you should, ideally, wash your car weekly. If you’re using it every day, then the regular dirt and grime from the road will quickly accumulate.

Other factors to consider are the area you live and store your car – if your car is constantly parked under trees for example, or if you live near a coastal area where corrosive salt air can damage your car, then you should definitely clean your car once a week.

Wax your car

As a general rule of thumb, waxing your car once every three months should suffice – however, again, the conditions in which you use, and store, your car should be considered. Waxing the car is important, not only for the ongoing appearance, but for protecting the car body and paint, thus prolonging the life, and value, of the car.

There is a way to test whether your car is in a need of a wax though – the ‘bead test’. You simply throw water on your car surface – if the water ‘beads up’ the car is okay – if it doesn’t then you need to treat the surface with wax.

What kind of wax?

You can use any specially formulated car wax, but it is generally thought that treatment with carnauba car wax will give you the best finish. Whatever car wax you use, your own ‘elbow grease’ will be just as vital an ingredient in achieving the shine and finish you want!    


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